12 questions tag

I was tag by Always Summer on the Inside! with this 12 questions. THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME! Please check out her blog.

1.What shoe size are you?
EU 37

2.Where do you work?
At the moment nowhere, at least not seriously but I'm waiting for an answer.

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own
A few summer dresses that I have just purchased.

4.Your favorite blog?
There are so many blogs that are my fav.

5.Do you have any pets?
i don't unfortunately but i've had one for 10 years .

6.How many siblings do you have?
One sis.

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Canada LOL

8.What were you doing before this?
I walked along the Danube river.

9.Your favorite food?
- french fries :)

10.Do you have a middle name?

11.Your favorite websites?
Online movies websites, youtube, etc

12.Who do you tag?

allthingsmarie !

Ariel !


whatmimiwrites !

fashionwhofashion !

dulcecandy !


fashionhippieloves !

i hope that tomorrow i will have more time to continue what i started...have a nice day!!!

I want to show you something that i like very much. This golden-cream blouse that has a simple cut, i love it because of the contrast between fluid material and the weight of accessories, gives a very elegant outfit.