Why do men cheat?

When you want to stay out of certain situations is better to know what you have to do. But let me begin with the meaning of the word "infidelity." For some girls , even if her boyfriend looks at another woman is a beginning of infidelity, but for others, only when it comes the word 'sex with other woman'.
Man cheat because they can but let's see if for this inconvenience for us we can see the changes before is to late.

Men are born hunters, they want to win. If you know how to keep his attention on this race he definitely will just look elsewhere.

When we talk about a relationship we have to realize that there are two people from different backgrounds that requires constant readjustment. The two partners are changing, but not in the same direction because of certain variables. You must pay attention to how your partner evolves to understand him and offer what what he needs - whether it is a certain kind of communication about sex or gestures of tenderness