Men do- Women talk

I chose this theme because I admire the way they behave in such situations. Weird huh? But they are indeed a good example for us and they don't look so terrible in the mirror. In the case of smaller conflicts, the man did not outwardly, as we do all (99%).
Why do we always choose the most complicated way? I wonder if we can reschedule? because studies have shown that we have different software. We always ask for explanations... The man calms down quickly, because he is focused on things that attract attention, such as a leptop or why not a TV. But this is a very interesting explanation: a women use more left hemisphere and a men the right.

Because of this, men react by moving in place to continue to speak like a women. When we are nervous we see only negative things, and we believe that there is no resolution,we challenge, we talk a lot. We feel the need to share everything we thought to calm down.
Instead man aware of what can happen after the woman made verbal challenges, and choose to leave to calm his angry.

In the end everything is solved instead of a kiss and a quiet sleep, at least I hope so.
We are so different but if we know that we must think more next time!

I hope I translated good!!